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6 Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

6 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

6 Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

We all are working too hard and too fast to win in the race of life. We want the trophy of success. And often, we forget to pause. But when we do, we feel the discomfort and the pain, because we pushed ourselves way too hard. Thankfully, there are many ways in which we can pamper our tired selves and perk up to get back on the track. One such miraculous procedure is the hot stone massage.

A hot stone massage, technically, is a massage therapy. It helps you relax and eases the tense muscles in the body so that you loosen up. During the process, hot stones made of basalt are kept on specific parts of the body. These stones are actually volcanic rocks that retain heat, hence the name. Let’s get started and know all we can about this cool therapy which not only is as edgy as it sounds, but also in the way it feels. It’s hot and it’s in, literally, and you are going to thank us for introducing it to you.

For hot stone massage therapy, the therapists mostly use basalt stones mainly because of their various properties that include their non-porosity, their smoothness and their ability to retain heat longer than any other type of stone. Moreover, these beautiful stones come in different sizes. For performing specific massage strokes, the massage therapist places smaller tooling stones and for treatment for a longer time, he places the larger placement stones at one spot of the body. Moreover, the therapist gives slow and gentle strokes in a way that people feel grounded, comforted and calm. Some massage therapists use the energy lines or meridians of the body to place hot stones for energy work.  Hot stone massages also help in releasing toxins, relieving pain and improving circulation. People who have experienced massage with heat get so many healing properties that they keep coming back for these massages.

Top 6 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  • Relieve muscle spasm,  pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.
  • Releases toxins & improves skin appearance
  • Significantly reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improves blood circulation and flow of energy
  • Helps to reduce & manage stress
  • Helps in decreasing cancer symptoms


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