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We are Spa Kolkata body massage center & spa

We Provide the best Body massage service in Kolkata. A body massage with full body pleasure with make your soul and heart free from all kinds of stress and diseases. We also offering a high-class accommodation with all relaxation setup such as shower room, bath tub and jacuzzi. Our all rooms decorated by world class interior for total comfortable and relaxation. We invite you to enjoy life more fully with your experiences from Spa Kolkata in Kolkata. Whether it is comfort, stress reduction or relaxation, you can look forward to receiving the best treatments from our highly skilled therapists.
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Spa Kolkata has become synonymous with authentic spa services, which has been ranked among the best spa in Kolkata.

Spa Kolkata offers you relaxing spa therapies with all its authenticity, high-class accommodation and comfortable. Whether it is the famous in Kolkata, traditional therapies, reflexology, body treatments, body wraps, scrubs, best oil massage, full body massage, sports massage, full body massage, thai massage and aroma Oil massage we have a complete package specially designed for your revitalizing needs.

So, welcome to Spa Kolkata, the ideal place for peeling layers of daily stress off your body and mind, and find a new, energetic You.




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Advantages of Spa & Body Massage

Pleasure of heart and mind

Our beautiful spa offers a soothing environment in which you can rest, relax and feel completely rejuvenate.

Improve blood circulation

Stress reduction & relief

Stimulates the lymphatic system

Carries away the body's waste products

Relax & feel better

Improve immune system

Protect your overall health

Enhance your appearance

Meet our team

Spa Kolkata Team


Full Body Massage Expert
Rozy from Spa Kolkata


Body Massage Expert
Sital from Spa Kolkata


Expart is Hot stone massage
Soniya from Spa Kolkata


Full Body Massage Expert
Sneha from Spa Kolkata


Expert in Hamam therapy
Neha from Spa Kolkata


Thai Massage Expert
Punam from Spa Kolkata

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Our Body Massage Parlour in Kolkata & Spa Center in Kolkata gives you immense pleasure and full satisfaction with experts in hi-class accommodation

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